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    Anyone aware if Halo 4 will support split screen for multiplayer with 2 players on one console as in Reach, ODST etc?

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    it has been confirmed

    Nice catch.......with your face!!!!

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    It should be four, but after they messed that up in Reach it probably won't happen.


    Retarded, but their choice.

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    So old thread I know.  But I just gotta say the split screen in Halo 4 is awful.  What the hell do they pay alpha testers for.  Did anybody notice releasing the Lockout remake that in two player split screen it is just choppy as hell.  I mean I don't expect to rack up the kills in split screen but,  I wouldn't be surprised if the FPS counter dropped to the low twenty's.

    Just saying Lockout on Halo:2 running on the Big Xbox ran smoother than this...  I feel like I just time warped to a day when the Riva TNT 2 was king and I didn't have the 250$ to even the odds.

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    Maybe you should play split screen with 2 gold profiles.

    I do that with my fiance and it always works fine.

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    It SUCKS, and I do run with two Gold profiles, not that that would make any difference whatsoever.

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    2 on split screen is bad enuf .... but i have had people on my team playing with 4 on their account ....YIKES 4 way split screen, lord how big does your TV have to be to give each player a decent view ...... and yes our team lost the game, gee go figure

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    I don´t wanna use 2 TVs and 2 Xboxs at the same time.

    One would need to sit in the living-room.

    Split screen is needed.

    It maybe don´t has the same visual effects like when you play alone.

    But I prefer to play Halo how I used to play it and that is with someone or a group next to me.

    Sure more the 2 people on one screen is bad.

    Then we better split them off into smaller groups. 

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    "Sure more the 2 people on one screen is bad".


    Even two people is noticeably poor. Put three on one console and after a game or two you won't need to share, the others will probably have raged. Unlike most games in splitscreen, it gets ridiculously slow and choppy.

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    Ya, I played a majority of Halo 2-3 in split screen,  it wasn't a bad experience by any means.  The maps in Halo 4 that are sized like complex or larger,  and enemy drops in Spartan OPS,  just choke the system on split screen.  Gold accounts aren't the problem here.


    There's always been the issue of quality degradation / screen size with split screen.  I'm talking Frame Rates.  See I can do plenty bad without these issues but when I play split screen and I win like 1-10 games I gotta point the finger at choppy graphics.  I am solidly 1/1 with wins and loss's on any game.  Ok so I go split screen.  I could expect to go to 1/2, win/loss.  1/10  I gotta say its not me, its the game.  I never did this bad on Halo 2-3 in split screen.  It's not like I can do worse with the jet boost they add'd.