• Level   3

    Need help getting the B-17. seems no one wants to play Strike online. (thats is how you get it right?) 

    Anyone willing to help or also wants the B-17?

    Not without my coffee!

    • Level   2

    There are two was people boost for the B-17, the fastest is set up 3min strike games on the Ardennes map with the tickets set at 300. Pick the Arado-234, after 50 wins you will unlock the B-17. For people who want to unlock the FW-190 F8 you first have win 5 strike games with the Ju87B to unlock the Ju87D, then win 20 strike games with the Ju87D to unlock the FW-190 F8, 30 more wins then you unlock the B-17. Keep the games at 3min with the tickets set at 300 on the Ardennes strike map. If you go it your own way you have to pick a bomber type aircraft in the online strike games to get the credit for the wins to unlock the B-17. If you cant find anyone to help you send a friend request and when I am on I will try to help.