How do you get the different Dance Styles?

    • Level   3

    The Dance Cards require you to get different dance styles in order to finish them and I'm having a problem figuring out some of them.

    I can't seem to get "Cute", for instance, despite doing "Call Me Maybe" and, in my opinion, nailing all the moves. Instead I get "Energetic". So should I be sloppier and less accurate?!

    • Level   1

    I wish I knew this one myself.  I generally get energetic myself.

    • Level   1

    If you just stand around, scoring as little as possible you'll be awarded the "Cute" style. At least, that's what worked for me when I did “Super Bass”.

    • Level   1

    The strategy for the achieving a "Cute" dance style:

    1) Start the song and let it play past the first chorus. (Hangout in front of the Kinect or leave, doesn't matter... just make sure not to do any moves in the beginning to avoid any chance of getting a "Great Starter" style.)

    2) After the first chorus hit a few 'Goods' and 'Perfects' to get your score to about 1000 /1200 - around halfway to one star. Make sure to get out of the way before going too far into the second chorus, otherwise the game may hit you with a "Great Finisher" style.

    3) Leave the rest alone until the end of the song.

    Tested on three songs ("Super Bass" / "Call Me Maybe" / "Love You Like a Love Song"), so I am quite confident of this strategy.

    Bonus Tip: The "Creative" dance style comes from getting a score of 0 and doing absolutely nothing!