Help reset Kane and Lynch Dead Men Leaderboard

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    Hey all,

    As most of you know there are two achievements that are tied to the leaderboard in this game and because a small number of gamers are  using nefarious means they prevent others from obtaining these (True Elite and Celebrity) which means this game is unable to be completed. I am petitioning Eidos to reset the leaderboard every 3 to 6 months to make these achievable. While I am not sure that will happen I will settle for one reset. This is the same type of action that was taken for GRAW. Please post in the following forum to show your support for a leaderboard reset.

    I look forward to your post and thank you in advance.

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    I am still petitioning Square Enix to reset the leader board for Kane and Lynch. I just got a response that stated they didn't know it was an issue and they are taking a look at it. I would still like people to post in the following forum to show they still want this to happen.

    Thanks and I look forward to your reply.