How to start final game

    • Level   2

    I finished both new areas, and then went into the hunt for the gold slices, you know where you visit each area again and do the game in a new blue look.  It was taking a long time, so I saved and stopped playing.

    Now I wanted to continue playing the hunt for the gold slices, but the supertreasurescope isn't working.

    Where do I find the place to start the hunt again?

    • Level   1

    How do you START the expansion?  I tried playing after downloading the expansion and we got nothing different.  Very frustrating for both of us - but especially my 5 year old daughter.

    • Level   2

    After downloading the DLC, I started Kinectimals, it proceeded to download an update, and then I got the choice between cat or bear adventure.

    • Level   2

    I discoverd how to finish the game, just needed to start a cat, not bear,  adventure and use the superplunderscope in the area where I stopped previously.