Targeting with Bow?

    • Level   5

    Is there a way to manually switch targets?  I find I can only fire at the same thing until its dead or something else jumps in my first targets path.  Loving it so far.  Was n ot a big WoW fan but this games presentation, theme, and art work are definitely inspired by it.  And that's not a bad thing at all.

    No time for that.  There are still guns out there that dont perform exactly like every other guns.  We cant be bothered with such moot details as long as the game is still  plagued with diversity. --- Tired old Guy.


    • Level   2

    The right analog stick switches between targets, which honestly is a little awkward when you are holding down the Y button to power up a shot.

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    • Level   4

    Right stick also fails if you are running while holding A.

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