How to craft powerful Faeblades?

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    I collect a lot of stuff that I need to craft Faeblades (and Daggers as well), but no matter what combination or "item recipe" I use, the weapon still sucks and my blacksmith skill is relatively high. Has anyone crafted their own Faeblades that came out pretty powerful or even found a pair that is powerful? Maybe share some combination ideas??

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    Actually I managed to make some pretty awesome ones since then, haha. So never mind. However if you have any tips for me in the game, any at all, go ahead and share. =)

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    I could do with some tips please

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    Well I definitely got my blacksmithing all the way up as soon as possible. The higher it is, the better stuff I found to make them with. I also salvaged A LOT of weapons I knew I wasn't going to use that had similar parts. After that I tried a few combinations and created some killer ones. I have ones that do over 100 damage now. Hope that helped! I managed to figure it out myself, lol.

    • Level   7

    The trick is to max blacksmithing AND sage crafting so you can slot weapon gems into the stuff you make.  Also I would start stripping and salvaging good drops of weapons that you wont use for better components.  I also tried to disarm any traps I found and would buy every component from every vendor I came across.  I ended up with weapons and armors fairly early into my play through that I used through the end.

    No time for that.  There are still guns out there that dont perform exactly like every other guns.  We cant be bothered with such moot details as long as the game is still  plagued with diversity. --- Tired old Guy.