DLC Weapons and Armor pack.

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    Hello all,

    As many of you are aware there is a problem with the dlc weapons, and armor pack. I have also encountered this bug, and have been unable to get the problem resolved. I am wondering if any of you that have encountered this bug have found a way to get the items you have paid for? I know many players have received the dlc items, and the reviews for them are not good, but never the less I still want what I paid for. Any help is appreciated.

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    call xbox

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    Did you also have this problem? Did you call Xbox? If so, did they resolve this issue for you? From all that I have read Xbox will not, or can not do anything about this.

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    Same problem here.  Wiki page says simply, "The weapon packs are bugged on the Xbox 360"


    I'm guessing I just got screwed out of $3, but what can you expect from 38 Studios =/

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    It would be nice if they removed the packs from the marketplace so people don't get ripped off.

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    Mine was 5 bucks.  I really like the game, but what the hell?  Why would they not fix this?

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    Because the development team for the game shut down, so there is no one to fix it.

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