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    So...first of all, I think the gameplay is amazing. Every year I say it can't get any better, and they manage to drastically improve it. I read a post that someone was complaining about the stupid AI coming over to help when they didn't want them to. All of those kind of things are customizable in the coaching profiles and double teaming options. Turn down the "help defense" & "double teams" in the coach profile...but I digress.

    I was actually wondering if they're not allowing rosters to be posted. I figured someone would have done new rosters with all of the rookies by now. I posted the default roster just to see if it worked and it said it uploaded, but I have yet to see it appear. If they're not going to allow rosters I'll have to get started creating the rookies.

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    dude i think u have to wait 4 the lockout thts when they said they are going to update all the rosters with the rookies and stuff

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    Has no-one created the rookies then yet? I'm getting the game tomorrow and I was hoping I'd be able download Kyrie, Kemba etc off 2kshare.

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