EA servers are unavailable now

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    TLDR; Only my NHL 12 cannot connect to the ea servers and live support from EA is next to useless

    Okay, so yesterday I pick up my brand shiny new copy of NHL 12 MORE then excited to play. Get it home pop in the disc and start up the game. Normal start-up; asks you to select storage device then throws you into the winter classic. Once I exited the classic is when the problem started, apparently this is when you SHOULD be prompted to enter your online passcode (which I never was) and tried to connect right away. I got the error that the ea servers were not avaliable. Tried everything from deleting the cache to deleting the NHL 12 save files nothing worked. NHL 11 and my other EA games connected just fine but not NHL 12. After speaking with 6 agents on the chat which was no help couldnt give me an answer besides reading standard answers from the script which did not pertain to me whatsoever (said I just ENTER the code "I need to be prompted first, manjeet I cannot JUST enter the code - or the issue is my connection..okay so how does that explain my ability to connect to other EA products) I read someone had indicated if your microsoft passport has an age stated of less then 18yo or older then 125yo you would get this message..low and behold for some reason microsoft seems to think I was born in 1890. So I corrected this excited to have figured things out, NOT SO MUCH, still no avail. I'm at wits end thinking of just bringing it back for a refund because I've got a really bad taste of ea right now. Please any suggestions?

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    I've had the same problem all weekend. It won't let redeem the free pack, update the roster, or anything. It keeps saying that I've lost my connection to EA.

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    I got the same exact problem and there's no help anywhere. I think we just need to wait for a patch...Also when I play a game and quit back to the menu, there's no more music in the menu. This is the shittiest version of NHL I've ever seen

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    I've had this problem since the game was released in Europe on the 9th (my copy arrived a day early).  The only way around until they patch it is to create a second profile on your console - I did this & can play online without a problem, just not on my main profile.

    I'm waiting for EA support in chat now to see if they've got any progress on a fix for this.

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    Waited for over an hour, got to 1st in the queue for EA support, then got this message

    Status: Cancelled

    There are no agents available to chat to you at the moment. Please try again later.

    Cheers EA, thanks for wasting my time

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    This is a big joke. I tried calling EA with the number they gave on the booklet and it's only music playing...and i'm from canada and had to call a california number so it cost me a bit of money only to hear music. I tried writing to them but never got replied. I tried the chat but it didnt worked. I look at their forums but it is totally useless. I searched hours and hours on the internet to see what's going on with this problem but nothing to be found on this nowhere and EA doesnt seems to give a f*** about it. If only they could say like there's a patch coming, hang on. No! Im so disappointed, how can a big gaming company like EA can let their clients rot there with their problems. Its ridiculous.

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    people had this problem in nhl 11 also.

    try signing out of live and changing your time and date settings back a year.


    delete your online pass, re-download it, turn off your console, and turn it back on and sign back in. this worked for some people last year, including myself.

    or do both just to be safe,

    i had the same issue --- couldnt connect to the servors to play nhl 11 but i could connect for battlefield.