Full Car List+Locations+Pictures!

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    Hey everyone, the following is a link to where you can find every car in the game along with pictures of what they look like. If you are having any trouble finding cars, please use this forum so the community can help you out. Enjoy!






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    Find me a badge list ...those badges are hard to find.

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    The Last few cars are hardest to find, I found since there are so many.

    The Buick Ambulance and the POLICE International Paddie Wagon were my last two.

    The Ambulance was a few blocks north west of where the Brady Guide lists it.  (I found it up by 6th street where the guide lists it on 8th.)

    And the Paddie Wagon was locked almost everytime I found it, except you can get it really easy during the homicide street crime "Bank Job" - that one is unlocked.

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    i just need the Chrysler Town and Country. any idears?

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    its listed as being in downtown or hollywood.

    I also needed one towards the end, but just kind of found one in free roam ... note the huge front bumper/grille

    It also says you can find one outside Kelso's appartment in the parking lot during the case "A Polite Invitation" on the ARSON DESK.

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    I cannot for the life of me find the Nash Super 600,  Willys Overland, Chevy Fleetmaster Convertible.

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    Apparently the Nash Super 6000 is the car u drive during the Homicide Cases. Is anyone having an issue where the car is not counting when u drive it?

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    The Nash Super 600 AND Willys Overland are both listed in the DOWNTOWN and CENTRAL areas.  Check around Downtown first.

    The Chevrolet Fleetmaster Covertible can be found in HOLLYWOOD.  (This was also a harder one to find for me, look for the three chrome strips on the large front fenders and a large hood.  Obviously look at all convertibles.)

    All you need to do is jump in behind the wheel and if you have not been in that car yet it will unlock, but after that, anytime you get in a car, it doesn't tell you what car it is.  Another minus.

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    I couldn't find the Chrysler Town and Country outside kelso's apartment? adn where about's in hollywood and downtown?

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    I have one car left and im driving around for hours trying to find it. Its the 4 Door - Cadillac Series 61. I heard it was in westlake but im not quite sure where westlake is, any ideas would be great.

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    I've been replaying A marriage made in heaven and the white shoe slaying and neither the Plymouth Sedan nor Ford Deluxe Convertible are at the scenes and I drive around and still can't find um, any ideas?

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    Not sure if you have it yet, but this is a military car, it has a star on the side of it. I found it in the military base, cannot remember where it is but i think its south-east of central. There are loads of these in there, all open.

    Hope this helps, unless you alreasy have it.

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    Cheers for this! Have 4 cars to go and they are such a B**** to find!


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    I just did this and these videos really helped:

    2 door playlist - playlist?p=PLDAB3D5D4E4D5C1A6

    4 door playlist - playlist?p=PL5D2EBAFA65F35B16

    Service playlist - playlist?p=PLD892A8F3348DC252

    Sport playlist - playlist?p=PL81D0CB0D02F301BC

    Bonus Playlist - playlist?p=PLD3291D77D8E183D3

    Police playlist - playlist?p=PLBDD9E42A6C5AAD80

    The 360 camera helps to identify and with peoples commentsI went with the top rated ones.

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    cheers for this!

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