game. freezing

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    this game is broken it freezes alot and the game is brand new. why pay full price for it. i mean come on did they test the game for 2 sec and be like thats good. skyrim was broken too. thats ok right because they fix it. after the fact u pay 60 dollors for the experience. dont get yourself to buy this game it is broken untill the so called video game gods fix it. people should get what they deserve when they pay for it not patches and dlc later. Rent Rent do not buy or else you will be pissed. The Game Is Broken untill patch comes out good luck u are gonna need it.

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    Yeah it freezes a bit, but most of the time if you restart the game, you get through.

    I didn't have a freeze that I couldn't get through on a restart.

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    It's been a problem with all the Lego games. I enjoy them so I let the annoyance pass quickly.

    Boardgames are fun to play as well! Give 'em a try. Go BGG!!!