Player Progression

    • Level   4

    Is there any way to have your players actually progress in a coaching career?  A lot of my players had good seasons, yet they didn't go up any points on their overall rating. I spent their XP, but if they aren't going to move up or down, then what's the point?

    • Level   7

    They will but you have to spend the points in the right areas and probably more than you think one way to test is go to create a player and play with the different stats to see how they affect the overall rating for that position

    • Level   5

    I feel like the new system of spending XP was EA's way of admitting that they cant get progression figured out, so they will put it in our hands.  But I dont like the system at all.

    • Level   4

    It's all about where you spend the XP.... some parts of a players attributes are a waste to spend it there so use them wisely

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    • Level   4

    I think the idea of progressing players with XP is a great idea. I am used to it though by playing another EA title (Tiger Woods) that uses essentially the same system to assign attributes to players (although obviously a lot less involved with that game).

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    Using XP so you can choose where to progress a player is fantastic. It can take a while to raise ratings but it does happen. I've played 2+ seasons and definitely had players increase in ratings.

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