Hard to find MUT opponent?

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    I tend to play super late (12 am and beyond) but why am I having such a hard time finding MUT opponents.  95% of the time, my opponent shows a gamertag but the giveaway that nobody is actually there is their team is an 85-rated Cowboys squad.

    What's up with that?

    Last year, I played over 100 MUT games and never ran into this issue.

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    ill play you send me a friend request

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    Not that it's the end of the world, but I will say I hope they changed the penalty for friends playing one another in MUT.  Last year, it was pretty severe.

    I did read in another forum, btw, that THIS is a known problem.  For a lot of people, they'll see Patriots ... like I see the Cowboys.  It's retarded.  Supposedly EA is now aware.  Supposedly.

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    They need to fix this ... now.

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    I wish they would fix it too.. Not sure why it is taking them so long