Madden 12 Game Freeze Fix

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    Madden 12 Game Freeze fix.

    If the Madden is freezing at the start of the game when online:

    1. Clear system cache

    2. Delete profile only

    3. Delete Madden online pass, Madden game saves, and any corrupted game data.

    4. Delete last system update. (Call Xbox support on how to do this.)

    5. Reboot Xbox

    6. Install the xbox update.

    7. Download profile

    8..Download Madden online pass

    9. Restart the game.

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    if this works you are my hero. I'll update when I finish. Thank you.

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    You may need to re-download the last system update. Please remove the game from the xbox before doing this.

    Also if you're having a NAT issue with your router this may give you issues with the system update "Don't know why just does" so please bypass the router.

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    Never worked for me... Any other suggestions?

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    If those steps above don't resolve the issue, wait a few hours and try again if the issue still persists, contact the game publisher, which in this case is EA Sports support.

    Maybe possible an issue with the origin account tied to the gamertag.