Xbox 360 Mass Effect 3: Loading Screen Freeze / Dirty Disc Error

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    gothe same issue no install and dirty disc errors. only game with issues and disc look fine, got mine from origin so did my brother neither were shrink wrapped

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    I sometimes get an error with one of my ME2 discs when I try to run them and I've never had it dropped or anything of the sort.

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    at first I rented the ME3 and I would get unrecognized disc error. After multiple tries I took a closer look at the disc and it was dirty as if a Pixie had pooped all over it. SO i took it back. they had no other copy so I got a free rental. Then I decided I really wanted to play this game. I went and bought it. unseal it. Have a look at the disc. Never saw a xbox game that clean in my life. No lies. I put it in: Unrecognized Disc.

    Then I put in NBA 2k12: Play NBA 2k12.

    Then I put in Naruto Ultimate Ninja storm 2 : Play Naru...

    ME3 still not working.

    I had the same problems with MW3

    then Battlefield 3

    then Skyrim

    Only difference with those 3: is that I actually got to play the games before they "RANDOMLY STOPPED WORKING AFTER MICROSOFT HAD XBOX LIVE UPDATED"

    Will I ever get to play ME3? I dont know. Doesn't look good.

    Will I buy a New Xbox so I can play my new game? *** you Micro. No way in hell this will happen.

    This is my second xbox.. I've always taken care of it.

    My first one lasted 3 years

    This one I've had it for one year

    And it can't read new games?

    let me **** my pants. BRB

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    I am having issues as well.  Tuesday night about an hour and a half in, i got the dirty disc message using Disc 1.  I installed disc 1 and had no issues after that.  last night, I needed to use disc 2 at one point, and after about an hour of that, I got a dirty disc error as well.  Didn't realize I need to install both discs; I installed it and it worked fine the rest of the night.  But i'm not exactly confident this isn't going to keep going on as I continue.

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    I have been getting the "disc is unreadable" message on disc 2. It freezes sometimes in gameplay and on loading screens. I the message at least 16 times since tuesday and i have to admit im getting pretty pissed. I think ill take it back to gamestop soon so hopefully i wont get another f 'ed up game

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    Mine froze my whole Xbox where you enter the firing range in the Spectre office.  Everytime I opened the door to it, black and then frozen.

    I think after the 4th time rebooting my Xbox was when it stopped.  Talk about a buzz kill.  I thought it would be a little cooler in there.

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    Im in Australia.

    I got the CE and have swapped disc one THREE TIMES. Annoying EBgames.

    Been on the phone to support and I still cannot install or play diosc 1. I can install disc 2 fine, disc 1 either has disc read error at 60% of install or just wont load / freezes.

    I have Gears of War 3 (new format disc) and it installs and plays fine, as do ALL my other games.

    Please fix this Bioware / MS. My hearts broken.

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    I'm in California..I been playing the Campaign since Tuesday like everyone else..only thing I encountered was visual graphical issues...I barely touched the Multiplay until today. Right after ONE match I went to customize my character, went back to start a Quick Match and I got a Dirty Disc Error. My Xbox360 is a Pre owned Black Matte had it since last year of November, I haven't had any issues UNTIL now right after that 27min match...and I barely got on my 360 during that time.

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    Okay I found a fix for mine. Don't know if i will catch flack for this but I broke my hd case awhille back and ordered a case off ebay to drop my drive into. Seems the connection was going bad. I dropped my drive into another case (always keep a backup), presto no disc errors. For those who may not have another case for their hd try cleaning the connection on it maybe it will work. Hope I helped someone.

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    I installed both discs before playing'em(CE if that matters) and randomly while doing a mission on Disc 2 I get the dirty disc error or whatever and it reverted me to the dashboard. At first I thought my 360 was starting to crap out(it's like a 3 year old Pro model) but now I see it's a pretty common problem. I'll admit I'm somewhat relieved and yet still a bit disappointed. Hopefully it's something Bioware can patch or something.

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    It kept freezing on me when I tried to enter the firing range at the Citadel too. I quit trying after the 3rd time. I'm installing the disc now to see if that will help. I'll try to remember to post any changes.

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    Hi Im from Malaysia.

    I have this problem where, after conversations have been had by several AI's, the game freezes. However when I press the Xbox menu button, it gets back to normal! Anyone with the same problem?

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    Getting this problem with disc 2 all the time. I can't install disc 2  as it keeps saying the disc is dirty, even though it's clean, don't have any problems with disc 1 or any other game. Disc 2 will run from time to time but then when you go into a mission it locks up or freezes. Will try and exchange it for another copy but I don't hold out much hope that it will solve the issue.

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    Change my copy and again it's not working.  Must be a fault with the batch of disc 2 that have been shipped.

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    I don't think Bioware is at fault. I think it's EA, because I've had issues with multiple EA published games. All others play fine on my system. EA seems to have quality control issues in their disc making process.