Xbox 360 Mass Effect 3: Loading Screen Freeze / Dirty Disc Error

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    I've had this same problem with the transition between conversation and regular gameplay causing a freeze that seems to get unstuck by opening the XBox guide.

    In addition, I'm getting the same disc issues as everyone else, although I'm 12 hours into the game and they're just showing up.  Played on disc 1 fine, had to swap to disc 2 - no problems there, when it prompted me back to disc 1, I got the read error.  Restarted my XBox, and now it doesn't recognize disc 1 at all.

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    wow mine did the dirty disk yesterday when i was playing MP . This problem must be fixed soon.

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    I'm having the same issue with trying to enter the gun range, smh. I've only tried once and probably won't try again since its no big deal. I've also had a lot of lag issues plus my Shep fell through map one time, it was very weird.

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    Yeah I'm having similar probs... The dics went fine up untill I reached the racknai mission ... since then it's just freezing like hell... Not cool at all..

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    Anyone try cleaning their hd connecttion. Wondering if this was isolated tome is all

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    my system has locked up 6 times during different loading screens in me3. thats what got me to this thread. WTF?

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    I think it may be something with all new games that are being pressed. The last four games that I've bought have been giving me the 'dirty/scratched' error straight out of the box. When I try to install the newer games my disc drive sounds different as well. When I install an older game the thing is loud, you KNOW it's working. Newer games are much quieter. I've posted about this on the support forums but haven't heard anything. I'm using an older system with a 120gb HD. I haven't had any problems with it before. But GoW3, Skyrim, MW3 and now ME3 have all been giving me grief.

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    I'm going to try switching back to my sd cable ( now using HDMI ) Maybe that'll work since it'll have less capacity needed to render <.< Let's just hope this gets patched in the worst case scenario... I can't even play the game for 5 minutes anymore... You'd think that they came prepared for these kind of things =.=

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    Hey all!

    I'm from the UK and having major issues with ME3.

    First time it loaded up and I attempted to import my ME2 character, it did this but couldn't import the facial features.

    I got over this, finished the prologue / getting to the normandy mission and popped the first two cheevo's but then at the start of the convo with james about anderson leaving, the sound goes, not the background noise just the dialogue???

    Then freezes a the end of the convo or if im lucky, goes to a loading screen then freezes.

    I have tried deleting the cache but when I come to install it has twice stopped at 48% with the dirty disk error, again the disk is perfect.

    This is GAMEBREAKING for me and I have read that it may be end of the month before this is solved on bioware forums.


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    I played for 13 hours until March 10th without any problem and then I am having the same issue. The game freezes the 360 with a black screen before the start screen appears.

    Also changed my copy at the store, tried uninstalling, clearing the cache, moving saved games off the system, etc.

    If I'm not signed in to my xbox profile then I can get to the start screen, but the game will lock up the system as soon as I sign in to my profile.  

    EA/Bioware seems to have an issue with certain Gamertags for some reason (mine included). This needs to be fixed asap as it is really unacceptable.

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    Yeah as said up here, nothing works... Tried EVERYTHING

    all kinds of cables: no

    playing when not connected to live: no

    playing normal: no

    cache clearing: no

    HDD change: no

    It's freaking hopeless... My friend had issues,but he got off lucky since he only had it freezing twice (so far)

    as for me, the last thing i'm going to try is play without my hard drive  and if that doesn't work, then, -->  *** YOU BIOWARE, why won't you let me save the universe??? :(

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    About the change of copy part... So you got yourself a new copy and it still gave the same issues ?  Or am I understanding this wrong :p

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    Yes I changed my copy, and it still gave me the same issue. As of now, I simply cannot play ME 3 anymore. It freezes and screen becomes black just before the "press start" menu.

    I removed my dlc, saved game and content to a USB key

    I uninstalled the game

    I changed my copy at the store, which was a pre-order by the way

    I tried all my other games (including EA games, battlefield 3 etc...) and they all work fine

    If I start ME3 "WITHOUT" logging in the xbox live, meaning playing offline, suddenly the game works fine, but the problem is that this way I cannot access my imported saves etc... because they are "linked" to my gamertag. So playing offline doesn't help.

    So the only conclusion is that, like some other players, I definitely think it is due somehow to me logging in with my gamertag (which I have by the way since the beginning of xbox live in 2002).

    As I read in the official Bioware forum for ME3, it is somehow "linked" to my gamertag, or/and my EA ID, along with other Gamertag of other players around the world.

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    I see, Well my xbox just went 6 feet under ( yeah it's broken -.- )  So maybe my issues came from the 360 instead of the game, unless it's the game that messed it up ( it's not able to start a game anymore, and if it does it also freezes, so people trying to get on mass effect 3 with freezing probs, BE CAREFUL xD )... Getting a new one and I'm hoping it'll be fixed... Also, I don't really have much EA games, but the ones I do have also work well, but I think it's not the main reason since mine also froze when I removed the HDD from my x box... ( but that might have been the 360's fault since it's broken for a reason now 'lol' )

    I'm just hoping this 'problem(s)' get solved sooner or later, if I'm able to play with my new 360 ( which is going to cost a lot of money :( GRRRR ) ... Rather sooner than later though.

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    Disk read erro is usually a 360 about to die.  Same thing happens with the PS3.  Start getting disk read errors then its dead.   You can try a laser disk cleaner. They are only about $6.00 and only take a few seconds to clean dust off the laser in your 360.  For those that dont know its a disk with little tiny brushes on it.   Like this.


    $5.00 Laser disk cleaner