Gamerscore reset after playing Mass Effect 3?

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    Something to do with server problems, and you can check to see if its fixed or not by checking your gamerscore on here.

    Kinda sucks though cause I'm guessing as its doing this for all cheevos, it will do the same for any cheevos on PC games. I only have games that have live on my pc, so I cant play anything today >.<

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    just happened to me.. i had nearly 17000, this is ridiculous.

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    I'm curious, will the people it's affected return them back to normal once it's fixed? I feel bad for everyone it's happening to and would like to know more on the situation.

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    Not just Mass Effect 3, It happened to Me with Saints row 2.  Over 20K in points gone!

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    Found this on twitter don't know if its everyone or not

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    Ruthless Tenjin

    I'm curious, will the people it's affected return them back to normal once it's fixed?

    Chances are they will try and get it back to normal cause of the sh**storm that will head their way if they don't.

    Personally I'm not taking the risk though. And if they do give everyone back the missing gamerscore, they may not give any new ones that have been unlocked today.

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    i've lost over 52 thousand gamerscore as well!!!!

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    Just happened to me!  Deleted my profile and re-downloaded …seems to have worked.

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    I'm sorry i'm better then you. I was just born this way.

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    Hoarder22-:Dont know if it looks normal by the time you read this,but LOL at your Gamer pic!Looks weird

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    Ouch! Now this is crazy! I haven't played my Xbox today and my gamer score is still 22K but when I launched my Xbox Live app on my phone it said something like I have to play Xbox games to earn achievements, smh. Hopefully I'm good, I'm definitely alil scared to turn my Xbox on later. Maybe I'll take a break today.

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    this happened to me this morining

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    This happened to me on Saints the 3rd I had unlocked about 6 got the achievement bot not the points.It fixed itself after the update for the Genki bowl.I feel for those that this is happening to and hope it gets sorted out.

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    This happened to me aswell, I opened my Xbox went to check Halo: Reach daily challenges and got this weird message that my gamertag has been used on another console earlier (haven't use for over a month) and puff! 17.4k gamer score gone. Best part I cannot get every achievement back on some games. I hope this gets fixed soon.

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