Best Armor Set up

    • Level   2

    Going to play through on Insanity... In everyone's opinion..what is the best combo to use for the armor set up?

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    • Level   9

    I use the Terminus Armour because it looks cool.  Dunno if it's any good for bonuses though.

    • Level   5

    Depends on the class. I play engineer, so most of the armor I wear is geared towards shield strength, power damage and power recharge.

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    • Level   2

    oh ok, I am using an infiltrator right now.

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    • Level   1

    i usually use the rosenkov armor set mixed with the recon hood so i have recharge speed and weapon damage

    • Level   2

    I'd say go for whatever gives you the most shields & shield recovery.  I can't remember which armor set it was, but I got through the final fire-fight as a soldier without dying once.  (Marauder Shields was another matter altogether.)

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    • Level   2

    I just did mine on adept  Helmut: Recon Hood  Chest : Hahne-Kedar  Shoulders: Armax Arsenal  Arms: Armax- Arsenal  legs: Armax Arsenal    << Gave a very STRONG Boost in weapon damage alost 75% total alowable boost, also gave me help in ammo capacity and head shots, Also worth the one hour it takes to get, you should play the demo for Kindoms of Amular: Reckoning, you get a weapon called the CHAKRAM LAUNCHER, and a cool armour, BUT in order to get the weapon you have to play right through to the credits takes about an hour, this weapon is worth it I kill those banshees in three shots my whole team equipped on my last push on insanity I didnt even have to kill one of those banshee, james did it for me using the chakram..

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