What is YOUR go to weapon on MP..

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    Mine is the M-76 Revenant !

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    M-6 Carnifex

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    I hate to say it but it's mainly the M-8 Avenger. It's light, high rate of fire and has tons of ammo. It's also the only AR I've been able to level above 2 or 3(maxed it out on recruit packs). When I use a class I need something even lighter for I use the Shuriken. It's weak but it can fire ammo all day long and it allows me to use powers like crazy. To be honest if I could I'd go with no weapon on something like Adept.

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    M-99 Saber or as I call it "Savior"

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    M-5 Phalanx with Scope V... proved it's worth last night.

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    The Geth Pulse Rifle or the Revenant

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    Widow M98...:-)

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    So far, the Mattock for assault rifles until my Viscerator (Or whatever it's called) gets up to the same level or max. As for pistols, Phalanx. I don't have a Carnifex or Paladin yet.

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    Mines used to be the Avenger X, until the Carnifex pistol came into my life.  I mean, when you combine that bad boy with your powers (e.g. Warp, Energy Drain), it gets the job done with one or two shots.  Since there are plenty of AMMO carts on the map (and all of those thermal clips I get from the packs), I'm not so worried about capacity.  I can only imagine how powerful of a weapon it would be if I upgraded it (right now its at Carnifex II).  


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    N7 Valiant

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    Saber all day, everyday.

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    the Carnifex is the best weapon , also if you use it with another quick firing light weapon like the locust or avenger its a deadly combination.  the Carnifex and Paladin are the best weapons in the game i,m not sure if the Paladin is in MP.  ME3 is all about the bad @@@ heavy pistols because most a pretty light and some are very powerfull.


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    Level X MANTIS

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    My go to Weapon on MP is the Cobra MIssile Launcher. That's the weapon I got to when the SHTF. I only have one left right now, so no gold runs for me until I stock up.

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    M-5 Phalanx~

    M-358 Talon on certain jobs. It does work.

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