SP Weapon Mod bug

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    Hi there, I'm posting here just to ask if anyone else is encountering this bug I seem to run into. Basically all it is, is that certain weapon mods refuse to let me pick them up, as in I press 'A' to pick up a mod (like the SMG ultralight materials on Mars) and Shepard performs the usual omni-tool scan, however no pop-up box occurs, and I can not access the mod at a weapon bench both during the mission, or on the Normandy. Now, it appears to be random for which mods can't be registered as picked up, depending on your play through, as I have started over a few times to see if this fixes it. For example, one play through, I could pick up all the mods on Priority:Mars, but when I got to Priority:Palaven, it let me pick up some, like the pistol mods, but not others, like one of the assault rifle mods. I have a more detailed account on the BSN here:


    However this bug only seems to happen with patch 1.03 installed. Would be nice to know if anyone else is encountering this.