Freddy Krueger's Fatality List

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    Fatality 1: "Tell 'Em Freddy Sent Ya": B,F,D,D, "X" (Any)
    Fatality 2: "Welcome To My Nightmare": D,U,F,B, "Block" (Sweep)
    Stage Fatality 1: F,D,D, "A"
    Babality : B,F,D, "X"

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    Sweet. Now I can really sharpen his claws.

    My Computer Beat Me At Chess Once, But It Was No Match For Me In Kick Boxing.....
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    Yay! Good looking on the post.

    Wolfenstein: The New Order (5/20/14)

    Dying Light (TBA)

    Evolve (TBA)

    Quantum Break (Most Anticipated)

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    Oh yeah Freddy Kreuger is awesome I havent played with him yet thought my friend is playing with him right now, i am the achievement boy.

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    Dude, Freddy is great. Thanks for the list man. I've looked everywhere for this thing.

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    Oh hells yeah! Thanks for the moves. Cheers!

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    I'm sorry i'm better then you. I was just born this way.

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    thx man

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    nice post cheers Op

    Icyironside "look at the kill cam it has a red arrow above your guy now watch people track you through walls" Fail of the year! lmao