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    I have a few questions about My Player Mode... Can you Help ? 

    1. I am overall 75, number 1 in the league never lost a game.. Jordan player of the game, Every Game ... Winner of the NBA Player Of The Month,and Rookie Player of The Month every month .. Average 50-60 points a game where as my team mates average 0-11 points a game ... i have played  52 games .

    but i keep changing from starter to sixth man and i get replaced with one of the worst players on the team .. i am still in my rookie year ... is there any way to stay a starter ??

    when i am the sixth man i barely get any minutes

    2. Is there anyway to renegotiate Contracts without playing every game for two years (In Game) ?? 

    3.Can you Change From Sp to VC ? i disconnected during the middle of the game and it automatically changed to SP .... Can i change it back ?

    4. can you be a star on your team ? if so how ? 

    5.can you create a second my player or are you stuck with the same guy you created in the first one ? 

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    Hi there, I'll try and help the best I can (forgive the long text)


    1.  This is happening to me too, I've played 51 games and have been getting switched between starter and 6th man for about 5-10 games now.  First of all I think it maybe a scripted part of the game or your other team mate(s) in your position are getting upset with his role and lack of play time.  I feel your pain man, I went from 41 minutes a game down to 27-30 which is affecting my numbers and in turn the team which is leading to a lot more losses.  Hopefully it gets sorted otherwise I might (even though I don't want to) complain about the coach or the player below me by saying he's slowing me down which will hopefully sort him out.


    2.  I'm not sure about this sorry.


    3.  I'm sure SP is for people that play offline and VC is for online users.  When you connect back online and start playing again you will go back to VC.


    4.  Yes, I believe so, you just need to raise your overall some more.  I'm currently 82 overall with no Star status.


    5.  Yes, you can create another MyCAREER character which will take up another slot on the server which I believe you can have up to 3 (from my experience, I may be wrong).


    I hope that helps you out some and good luck with your player... ball on.

    Fidelis ad urnam