Drivable Police Cars?

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    Originally posted in the old NFSMW forum:


    I think this needs to be adressed anyway. Do you think we'll be able to drive police cars rather than just "outlaw" vehicles? Do you think we'll get a police DLC like we did with BP?

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    maybe in the future but I don't know right now.

    RUSH 2049

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    Exactly; we don't know right now. If anything, it will be in a future DLC pack. All I want to know is opinion on whether or not it will happen.

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    Just curious...why would you want opinion on whether or not it will happen?  Wouldn't it be better to wait for actual facts?

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    I'm curious to see how people reply to this (number #1) and, based on what we know about the company and the pattern of Burnout Paradise1, see if we could predict whether or not NFSMW (2012) will get the same treatment as BP2 (number #2).


    Also, Trippul, this is a forum ,so I'm just trying to make discussion. One more thing, IMO, I don't think it's fair for us to JUST BE racers/criminals. It's similar to how GTA IV ONLY makes us want to be a criminal, and for someone who's usually for "the other side of the law" I think it is only that we should have the choice to drive police cars in the future possibly through a DLC. Also, some of those vehicles, like the Chevy Corvette and the "Rhino" SUVs" (which you could NEVER DRIVE in any NFS except NFSMW (2005) and NFSC), would be really fun to drive and cause havoc with in Free Roam, amirite? I know for a fact that players like to use the police vehicles from BP1 and still use some of them today in that game (as I own BP).

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    I hope so when they do I hope it will be free like certain stuff.