Hut problem

    • Level   2

    I used a bunch of consumables on my best players, Which i bought with XP points. Today I go to play a game and all my colums are back to zero. What happened to all my used consumables? Anyone else have this problem?

    • Level   1

    I did and its bs. I spent 17k on all for nothin

    • Level   2

    Can this be resolved or fixed? I spent over 25,000 pucks and like an idiot bought Microsoft points for the first and last time ever for nothing, I suppose there is no way of getting this resolved is there?

    • Level   4

    nope.the demo was just a different server and wont save anything into real game. I know from experiance with playing hut like crazy on demo for last yr and trying to get everything back on the real thing.


    • Level   4

    Training cards only last one game this year. It's something EA is trying, unfortunately.

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