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    I feel like im in PUCK limbo.  I can't seem to get enough pucks to start buying some of the larger packs.  I feel like everytime I turn around Im running out of contracts and have to buy the small packs.  Any recommendations on how to more efficiently get pucks without spending money.

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    Play against the 'Team Red' all-stars on Superstar difficulty (via Single Player in HUT). It should default to 1st line only, and their first line is primarily Senators (Alfredsson, Michalek, Spezza, Karlsson and Weber), so that's not as difficult as Team Blue's or Team Canada's 1st line. As of right now, my 1st line consists of Chris Kelly, Anti Miettinen, Steve Sullivan, Carl Gunnarsson and Luke Schenn. I clear 500-600 pucks a loss, +700 every win (even losing to them should help with your contract issue).

    Tips: Take as many shots on net as possible, preferably low shots - will force rebounds, leads to easier goals (+1 EA puck per shot, MAX at 50). DO NOT HIT (you will most likely get a penalty, -10 EA pucks per penalty). Do not stick check another player FROM BEHIND (lift or poke, will most likely result in a penalty). Try using a forward while back checking. Watch your offsides and icings (-1 EA puck each). Try to make SMART PASSES (softer passes to closest team mate). You do not need to use that much speed while in the offensive zone, be smart, glide and cut around players, pass/shoot when in trouble. When turning the puck over in the offensive zone, do not chase the computer - leave zone immediately.

    Overall, just play HOCKEY. Do all the small things right, limit your mistakes, win or lose, if you dominate the other team, you will make a lot of pucks. Let me know if this works for you or if anybody else has a better way of earning pucks legit.