Do People still play this game?

    • Level   4

    He likes to gamble...

    I gambled yesterday 2 gold coins and lost, needless to say i won't be visiting the casino anytime soon.


    • Level   2

    I wish sega would make a new psu on 360 ( ;_;)


    • Level   3

    you all know they are working on a pso 2. Hopefully it will have console support in the future but there is a new one being made and it looks rather nice.

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    • Level   1

    Nope, it's a ghost town now.

    • Level   1

    nooo whhhy i just started. Does anyone low level want to play with me?

    • Level   1

    I purchased the subscription after I was notified of the servers being shut down to finish the achievements I missed years ago. There is still a small group of people actively playing, but they are not very responsive. Mostly Idle.

    • Level   3

    I still play occasionally.

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