Need help with "All Growed Up" Achievement Please!!!

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    Okay, heres the deal. Im playing the game on hard, Im a low level 16 in my Evolution, all my Powers, Skills and Abilities are 100%. Im 34/38 in my Mutations. The only ones Im missing are the Radnet ones that are locked because of the timed relese (I do have Fast Learner completed). Do mutations even count towards the achievement?

    Back on the Evolution end of things, my Health, Movement, and Regeneration are all missing 1 pip. Both my Shape Shifting and Mass are missing 2 pips. My Finishers are complete. 

    I guess all Im asking is am I going to have to finish the game and play in New Game + to fully level Mercer, or is it possible to do it before I finish the 1st playthrough (without mindlesssly grinding through military posts and the infected)? Please, anyone and everyone feel free to respond! Id greatly appreciate it!

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    i was a level 23 when i was totally leveled up and got the all growed up achievement. and to answer your question it would be yes because there is no way to fully level up heller in one playthrough, i wasnt able to anyway, but yeah again you need to put a point to each level up box needed, once you added a point to each box you should be a level 23 thats what i was and i got achievement, so once you beat game and play it again by the time you get to the red zone and do one or two missions there you should get it then. I beat game on normal then beat it on hard on new game plus, and if u were wondering u can play hard on new game plus and get the hard completion achievement i got it that way. i hope this helps peace.

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    Thanks hank316! I'll just continue till I beat the game and start New Game+ to take it to level 23. Hopefully I can take the difficulty down to Normal and just blast through the enemies like a beast! Hard is a really good challenge, but still "do-able". It would just feel awesome to have Mercer leveled up and play the game on a more casual difficulty after pushing myself through Hard. This will be the 1st game I will 1,000'd, thank you sir!

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    Dang it!!! Everytime I said "Mercer" I really meant Heller!!! Two TOTALLY different people we're talking about here. Thanks for not flaming me!

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    I beat the game on hard difficulty at level 18.  I did NG+ on easy difficulty and only played the blue main missions on the map.  You don't get much EP for missions on the yellow island, but things really picked up on the green island.  I hit level 23 a couple missions into the red island.

    Just stick to the main missions and skip cut scenes.  Took about 3 hours to get to the red island.

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    Cool. Thats pretty much how I ended up getting to level 23 myself Hoffer. I just signed off in the 1000/1000 club topic. Feels good! Thanks for everyones input, really means a lot!

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    OK, need some help here. I finished the game on normal and I am now doing a new game + on hard.  I'm around lvl 20 and have everything with the exception of a few consumes that I need to upgrade my powers and get the maxed out achievement. I know that the consumes I need to do are characters that have the 'arm flexed' icon over their head. The thing is, I've only seen 1 or 2 of these so far and in the first playthrough, I saw a lot more.  I'm doing like someone has posted already, skipping the side quests and focusing on the main quest since I really don't need to redo any of the blacknet missions. Should I start doing a few blacknet quests or something to find these characters that I need to consume?  I'm already to the point where I take the air bridge to the green zone. I need at least 3 more consumes, but at this rate I don't know if I'm going to find them without having to do a bunch of side missions that I really don't need to do?

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    If you still have your "free roam" save I recommend loading that. When you are earning the "arm flex" kills they are usually placed throughout the game depending on how far you are. Seeing as you have already beaten the game, they will pop up more frequently. I usually check the Red Zone for these guys, OR I check military bases that are holding specimens (open the box, kill it).

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