Red Dead Redemption 2 - Things You Want to See?

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    1. Co-op single player
    2. Bow and Arrow
    3. Vice City-esque business income
    4. Cars!
    5. Vans/Trucks
    6. Rafts
    7. Your own farm/ranch
    8. Choice in what gamepath you take
    9. Tommy gun
    10. More people around town
    11. Not so much distnance between towns/settlements
    12. Planes
    13. More choice in clothing
    14. Plant crops for the season with a tractor
    15. Sell crops at market
    16. .... I'm all out!

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    I thought this would've at least got  a reply

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    Considering that red dead is in the old west and tommy guns are not from the same timeline. Some of the ideas are good but bit too modern. I would just like to see some more handheld weps that go boom.

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    If RDR was setin the 30's then a tommy gun would be a legit with the time weapon

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    I would like to see them separate out the normal, casual and expert shooting. cant stand hearing people complain about that.

    would like to see more challenges. do like the farming idea. multi player might play hell on that. trying to keep people from ruining your crops.

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    Jack goes to Africa because he killed a retired federal agent. The terrain could be anything from desert to snow, the animals totally changed, weapons are multi national....Maybe add a vodoo/zombie DLC again...

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    Three words: Multiplayer. Cattle. Drives. :P

    Seriously though, I'm not sure how Rockstar'll follow RDR. One of the main motifs of the game was "the dying west," which could be difficult if they try to make a chronological successor. Considering the next game is (allegedly) titled Red Dead Revolution, it seems more likely that if the story does follow Jack, he might flee to Mexico (which is logical, considering the game officially ends in Rio del Toro) and join the revolution against Abraham Reyes after being convinced by someone John met in the first game, maybe Luisa's sister. I could see it going from there, especially if the FBI starts taking in interest in the leader of the rebels, presumably Jack.

    As far as farming goes, maybe like a "king of the hill" or wave-based outlaw sort of multiplayer, I could see that.

    Whatever it will be, though, it'll take some time. I have a feeling Rockstar's got their hands full with gta v at the moment.

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    I think they need to put a limit on the automatics. Realistic reload times for the weapons that are availiable. -(  you can't reload a Lemat while moving on foot or a horse. )   Trains in multiplayer would be nice to see.  Not drowning in 2 feet of water would be a blessing.

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    If there was an RDR 2 it would be the first time I go to a midnight opening ill tell ya that. I think they will do a prequel. Not many people like playing as Jack. The legend of John must live on!

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    I totally 100% agree with ragingstorm22 - I want a prequel! I LOVED John, but Jack? Whiny little horse abusing, high pitched baby! (Did anyone else notice he had a deeper voice as a teenager than he did as an adult?!)

    I hope Rockstar does a prequel that shows a younger John in the gang, meeting Abigail (maybe even playing as Abigail sometimes?), showing how they met, and then showing the falling out with the gang. Maybe even showing us how he got that distinctive facial scar? I also think it could be interesting to have a bigger dynamic in fight scenes, where you're fighting people with all of Dutch's gang at your side. Seeing Dutch's downfall & descent into insanity would be fascinating as well. And the whole love story angle would be interesting for me, though I am a girl. :)

    But yeah, more John please! Less Jack! Or if they want to go entirely different & come up with new characters and a new story, like they did between Revolver and Redemption, that'd be fine with me. All I hope for is that the writing retains its amazing quality & the gameplay continues to be outstanding! Heck, maybe they could even go back in time to an earlier stage of the American west. I'd be fine with that too!

    Heck, honestly, I'd be fine with anything... as long as I get more high quality Red Dead!!! It's by far the best game I have ever, ever played. Period. End of story.

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    I tihnk R* should license the Ennio Morricone soundtracks from Sergio Leone's spaghetti western trilogies first and foremost.  They should also mirror the quests to match the trilogies to some extent, such as when Blondie and Tuco blow up the bridge during the Confederate War in The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, treasures hidden in Unknown graves, etc.

    I really like the above stated idea of doing a prequel and showing John & Abigail's relationship blossoming, etc.  Could be a lot of drama since as Dutch said, the whole gang had Abigail at one time or another.  They could maybe delve into whether this was true or a figment of Dutch's imagination.  

    Swimming is a must!  Its unbelievable that John can fight a Grizzly Bear with a knife, shoot like 10+ people in one second, is basically superman in the wild west but yet drowns in 2 feet of water!  It almost seemed like the developers got lazy.  You made beautiful water models, now let us swim in it!

    By the way,  I never bought this game til this past weekend and I can't believe I missed out on this masterpiece!  I even stopped playing Skyrim to devote all my free time to playing this game!

    Absolutely, Definitely!
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    To be able to switch between third person and first person like in Skyrim.

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    What I want... I don't really want a Red Dead Redemption 2. The story was too perfect and ended just right that I don't want to see anything branch off of it. If they do make another Red Dead game I'd like it to have a new story, new protagonist (nothing to do with the Marstons), and to be honest most of the things listed above in the OP is what I loved about RDR... not having those. GTA is where I have my guns and cars, red dead is for my horse and old fashion guns.

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    Red Dead Redemption is the second Red Dead game. -_-


    Noobs these days that haven't played Red Dead Revolver.