Taking over a town...literally (Red Dead Redemption)

    • Level   1

    I realized something, people might know this already, but i just wanted to get this out there....you can take over a town, for example i took over blackwater and now everyday i just walk over to the bank and take money out of the safe...how do i do this? Put on a bandana and take on the police force, believe it or not its not that hard, but i have some tips to make sure you can have great sucess in this. 1. take cover in a building; by doing this it allows  alot of cover for yourself 2. If you are hiding in a building, scope it out; when looking in a building make sure there is no back exit and that there is only a entrance so the only way the cops can get in is facing you 3. Have a shotgun or a pistol for close range (obviously); watch the mini map, if you have a rifle out and you see a red star coming close pull out the sawed off shotgun,high powered pistol, or double barrel. and those are my tips, best of luck to you.

    • Level   3

    You can only open safes in a couple of missions. To my memory there is no way to open one in free roam or outside of those missions.

    • Level   5

    you can open a safe in multiplayer stronghold, but that is part of how that game is played. you do get XP

    Everyone & their dog plays that game. It's slightly adjusted from the year before only with a new title
    Why is this broken video game getting patched again and again and again, did i pay $$$ to be a beta tester?

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    well in single player, the way to open a safe is to walk up to it and press Y and follow the instructions, there is usually about 70-100 dollars in there sometimes more, sometimes less