Cougar respawn

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    Hi, I don't really have any games that I really want to play right now so I'm replaying the single player Red dead redemption. I've noticed something that I don't know was there or not when I first played the game. When trying to accomplished some of the challenges and I run into a cougar. It seems that when I kill a skin one, another one will come. I kill and skin that one and another will come and so on. I've had that repeat up to four times. I don't know if it would happen more cause the forth on killed me. I was just curious if anyone had seen this also.

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    I just had it happen to me again. Not that far north of of Marlane ranch. Kill and skinned two before the third one got me.

    • Level   1

    LOL- i know that spot!- its been quite a while since ive played single player, but i do know that near macfarlanes ranch there is a cougar den! it think you should  be northish of the ranch and near the tracks and near a small track/ creek bridge.- right? also on the map, to the left of twin rocks, in the high desert, there is a small shack, if you can find it. from what i remember, this shack is smack dab in couger den territory. 3-4-5- cougars in a row! that small patch of land is extremely dangerous! -LOL good hunting to you bro.-:)

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    Yeah that's pretty much where it is, pain in my ***. Well I finally got the foxs I need for the hunting challenge so I don't think I'll head there again.

    • Level   5

    There are hidden caves around Twin Rocks. I've seen them in MP, so I was spared being maimed by a cougar.