what the hell?

    • Level   9

    hey man.....I'm playing offline and sometimes it lets me pick up ammunition or health items ...other times it won't...why?.....sometimes I've got 5 rounds for my handgun and 0 for my shotgun....yet I can't pick up any of the ammunition for the shotgun that's lying around, despite being near empty.....then 5 minutes later it won't let me pick up the pistol ammo sitting on the ground...and then inexplicably sometimes it won't let me pick up any ammo so I'm forced to fight with the knife....and it's EXTREMELY rare that the game lets me pick up a health item.....despite being near death and there's herbs sitting all around me, it just won't let me pick them u[...is this game broken or something?

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    • Level   7

    you're slots are maybe all full?

    • Level   6

    Combine all your herbs. If you've already combined them then put them in a case, that should open up some more slots for you. As for the weapons inventory I have to constantly keep going into it to drop my overabundance of grenades and remote mines.

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    • Level   7

    Remote mines! ill take em! those things are great fun to use.