Horrible lag making MP a nightmare !

    • Level   2

    As the title said, anyone else having horrible lag on MP.. Co - op works like a beauty but MP is a lag zone.

    • Level   8

    I haven't experienced lag as of yet.

    • Level   9

    I haven't experienced any lag as of yet. Played a few rounds of Biohazard, Survival, and Heroes, too.

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    • Level   5

    No lag on my end with tonights slaughter of the geezer online

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    • Level   7

    no lag here.


    • Level   5

    I've lagged and it's pretty bad. Players are invisible to me. It's not the cloaking characters either. It's about 1/5 chance for lag but when it hits. Ugh.

    • Level   2

    Thats what im getting, when it works im a happy man, but most of times it doesnt .... Knowing Slant Six they will patch it up later but its again another example of release it and patch it later.

    • Level   1

    yes, it really makes it hard for me to enjoy the online experience.

    • Level   9

    I don't get much lag but I do get that "clone" glitch quite often when joining a game in progress -_-

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