problems with drop d tuning

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    I'm finding that Rocksmith is having trouble registering notes properly on the the 6th string after tuning down to d. I found that if I tune it a bit lower and play it flat, it works. Anybody else having this issue?

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    Try getting a tuner and tune the guitar manually when it says to drop or raise the tuning.

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    I was having this problem. Today I took my mega cheap *** guitar to Guitar Center and had the tech give it a tune up.  Primarily the intonation.  Works great now.

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    Save problem with me, any other solutions?

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    I ran into that issue on my Ibanez. I had just restrung it to a light wound string (Super Slinky). What I found was that as I tuned the game was willing to say I was in tune, but I was able to continue tuning up a little more and not have it hit +1. Once I did that, it was fine. So what I actually usually do now is tune it to the games Drop D, then give it just a tad bit more of a turn AFTER the tuner closes so I can actually (probably) be hitting +1. Seems to work 100% for me now.


    I woudl think due to winding light on electrics this is prevelently an issue on electrics. Oh, one more thing this is BASIC guitar knowledge, but not everyone in here may know it. ALWAYS tune UP. This does not mean the screen that pops up in the game, this means your FINAL action on adjusting your string to should ALWAYS be a tightening move (Tuning up). If you tune down, your tuning is not as accurate and you will slip out of tune faster.

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    I had this problem too, with 2 different guitars (Les Paul and Strat), both Super Slinky gauge strings.

    I also have the game on Steam/Windows and PS3 and this issue is on both.

    When I use a proper tuner or the in-game tuner to get to drop D the game accepts the tuning but the notes won't actually register during songs. I've found if I tune my E to a quarter tone under C# it will register perfectly (it shows around -11/-12 on the in-game tuner.)

    Since it is a pain in the @@@ to find the tuning I just leave a second guitar in the tuning and just swap to it during Drop D songs.

    Next time I restring I'm going to try .11s and see if it makes any difference.

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    I use either .11 or .10 with my ibanez. the only real problem i get it when my strings get too old. Even with a floating bridge, I never really had any problems with the tuning. I usually end up tuning it by ear before the game even says i need to tune it.

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    I had problems with this on Unnatural Selection.  It kept saying that I was off a fret.  I was so frustrated.  Went to a different forum and read that I was probably reefing on the string too much and it was making the note sharp.  I did the same song and by being more careful about how I was playing the notes on the "red" string, I managed to get through the song with no troubles.  I guess since it's so much lower, any extra tension is more pronounced.  Hopefully this helps.

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    Another trick I use, is to fret the note as close to the fret wire

    I can get without dulling the sound.

    But when I get going, I still bend the note sharp at times...

    I also have 11 gage strings tho, when I restring, I will go up to 12s.