Can A USB guitar cable work instead of the one provided?

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    Well I was looking and there is sadly no online.
    I wanted to play This with my dad, he's a experienced guitar player.
    I thought it would be fun to play Rocksmith, and I tried to find a cable less than 20$ so I came across a USB Guitar input similar to the one for Rocksmith. Would this work for the game as long as it has the right input?

    Currently Working on a Indie Game for my first project.
    Please leave any comments if you would like to help me with any achievements.

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    People have tried other cables and they have not worked. Some might, but it seems they do not. Your best off getting another real tone cable.

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    Since the ubisoft real tone cable is designed to work with Xbox360, PS3 and PC, I really can`t see any reason why not, all you can do is try.

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    Yeah a friend got one from a music store for 50 dollars and got home and hooked it up and it would not work. So I would go for the one made for the game. Also I like to help so fill free to add me for help on Achievements