do xbox skylander characters work on nintendo 3ds?

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    my son has skylanders for the xbox 360 and i was going to buy him skylanders forthe nintendo 3ds, i know the portal wont work but will the characters that come with the 3ds starter pack work with the 360 portal?


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    Yeah. They will. All figurines, regardless of what console they came with, will work with all consoles including the PC.

    I think all portals are supossed to work with the PC pn-line game so you can try to use the 3DS portal for that.

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    thanks for the reply mate

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    Yep, characters work on every system

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     Yes they will. I have done this myself your saved game from the perspective system won't be there but they put a memory chip in the toy itself so you can hop from let say 3ds to 360.  You have to learn the controls though.

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    Yes the characters are multi platform

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    why does the 3DS portal come with a cable if it's not required to play on the 3DS?  What is it for???

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    apparently 3DS Portal of Power works also with Wii, PS3, and PC but not 360.

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    Crowbar is correct. The other version of the portal work with everything else but the 360. The 360 portal in unique and will only work with the 360.

    However the skylanders themselves work with every single system.

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