Skyrim: The beginning

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    What kind of cake?

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    Chocolate ice cream, the best kind.

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    There were a few other things that I disliked about the video as far as gameplay. I will keep these comments to myself. There not gamebreaking, jus caught my attention.





    Minor Spoiler:


    What I did like with the finishing moves was that the action was still going on while the finishing move was being performed (arrow flying into scene from another enemy). It wasn't just a canned cut scene.

    As far as the gameplay,  The player wouldn't enage in melee combat in the traditional sense and tried to run around to the backs of the enemy. That's what I thought anyway.

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    Very true Bird. There is an assassin picture out of an assassin finisher from behind that looked amazing. So that was really a plus ( not being a "canned cut scene" ) Also, the game was only starting. Basically i just want to reiterate, You are what you play. With so many play styles available, and this video was this guy and his character. My play thru would not have looked anything like it. I honestly think if i was playing i would not have experienced any of the "issues" that i mentioned before.


    * Note, I had no game ending bugs in new vegas. ( truthfully only experienced 1 glitch where i had to load the game file again, the whole game )

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    True melee alone is impossible actually in this game. Mainly due to Dragons.  I can't wait to use the bow, dual wields (especially shields :D), and Dragon shouts. I might start with that Axe though, with my fire spell....


    SO MANY CHOICES!!!  @.@

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