Anyone found a place to buy lockpicks yet?

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    Title says it all
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    No, but after about 5 hours playing I've amassed about 30 or so of them. Search every chest, barrel and body (bandits often carry them) and you'll eventually work up a nice stockpile.

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    I have been finding them for sale in the 'General Goods' shops. Usually they just sell 4-6 of them, but they're there.

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    Warning, this post may contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.

    If you enter the town of Riften on the southeast corner of the map and wander into the marketplace, you'll be greeted by a man named Brynjolf who has a proposition for you. Carry out his wishes and you will be inducted into the Thieves Guild. Once you're a member, there is a member who will function as a fence (Buys stolen goods off of you, sells tools of the trade) and she regularly stocks 30+ lockpicks at a price of 6 gold each.

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    Spoilers are funsies

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    I'm sure you have already found it since it's a month late but for anyone else looking... If you see Khajit sitting outside of a town there will normally be one that barters and carries about 25+ lockpicks

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    I find them everywhere. I have over 300 now.

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    the khajii outside whiterun sells 30 every 2 days

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    Aha! I was hoping there'd be someplace like that.

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    Lockpicks are also sold by Lucan in Riverwood and Beletor in Whiterun and most general goods stores in small quantities. The best source to buy them is any Khajit caravan. There are supposedly 3 of them though I've only seen the one that visits Whiterun. Since I break them at an alarming rate sometimes I buy all he has everytime I see him.

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    IF you joined thieves guild you can buy some from tonilla.

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    I never have a problem buying lockpicks. I wasn't even aware this was an issue. General goods stores anywhere sell them in bulk, blacksmith shops will usually have a few on hand and just finding them on bandits and other baddies keeps my stock well above 100 at a time. Whenever I stop in at Whiterun to sell all the trash in my inventory I make a stop at the general goods store and buy whatever they have in stock, Riverwood also has a nice general goods store that usually has 20+ for sale.

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    Both of my characters have over 150 picks. I save before every expert or master chest. Sure I break mine from time to time but if I do I simply reload the save. Cheating I know but ah well who cares?

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    Yea I have well over 100 now. They aren't terribly hard to find. I've only ever broken maybe 3 on any particular master or expert lock. Just go slow and steady and find the right spot.

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