Wasn't expecting this for Skyrim.

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    I'm having problems with the text being too small & blurry because of not having an hd tv. I've been sitting so close to the tv, which is extremely uncomfortable and straining on my eyes.  It's really making Skyrim an "eh, it's alright" game for me. I can't even believe I'm saying those words! I don't have the extra money to go out and buy an hd tv, so... it is what it is, I guess. :(

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    Skyrim is such a beautiful game, it really does need to be played on a HD tv to really do it justice. I accept it must be hard still owning an SD tv, but you can get HD monitors even for soooo cheap, there is little excuse!

    In Bethesda's defence, it would be really hard trying to cater for both displays so they've naturally focused on the HD tv's.

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    CRT TVs (AKA old school tvs) are awesome. New tvs have a very short life span while I will still be able to use mine for decades. I don't have problems with Skyrim being cut of around the edges, and the text is too small anyway.

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    "New tvs" are great if you buy one of quality. We just upgraded to a 46" Samsung LED from a 32" Samsung LCD. The 32 was almost 5 years old and was showing no signs of wear. In fact my brother-in-law bought it from us and it's still running like a champ. BTW the new 46" looks AMAZING! :)

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    I am one happy gamer.


    Bored and wanting to play Skyrim went to my brothers house as he had another SD tv that was not too old [ 2006 me thinks]. BUT anyways... for some reason Skyrim is not cut off at the tops/bottoms. I can see my compass and health and everything.


    Really don't know why.... and frankly as long as I can play Skyrim... don't care how it works.

    Did you take your Xbox  to your Brothers or did you play on his? If it was his then compare all his display settings to yours. There really is no reason for Skyrim to be cutting off the Gauges, unless your Xbox's display settings are incorrect for your TV. If anything should be getting cut off it should be the sides of the screen.

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    Simple solution: Get yourself a XBOX VGA cable so you can hoop up your XBOX to your PC monitor, maybe even a laptop, this should allow you to play in at the very least 720p, but I don't know any monitors that don't allow you at least a 1080i resolution unless your monitor is from the 80's.   You could also use an HDMI to DVI-D cable to give you a slightly better picture quality.

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    Some folks are suggesting that an HDTV will solve the problem.  I have a Samsung HDTV (720p) - I play all sorts of games on this.  My xbox is connected via composite - which may be a part of the problem.  My xbox 360 is one of the earlier generations before they came standard with HDMI outputs.  So someone is going to tell me to buy a new xbox 360 or a conversion kit or something like that.  That would be lunacy.  There is no reason Bethesda couldn't include some means of adjusting the graphics.  I rented the game via Red Box last night.  I can see I'm going to love the game.  However - I'm sad to say that I'll probably have to buy this game for my PS3 (which does have an HDMI output).  Why sad, when I have both systems?  Because, in the past, PS3 didn't get any of the cool ad-ons for Oblivion, for example - while the Xbox Market did.  I love the ad-ons.  I also enjoy the xbox 360 community.  I don't think I can really blame Microsoft for this - but it seems I'll be using their system less over the next few months.  Yes - I tried adjusting the TV settings - and yes - my xbox 360 is set up for 720p.  I also tried 1080i, which functions - but still cuts off the bottom of my screen (at least).  For example - I can't tell how much gold I have - I see the top half of the numbers only.  I haven't tried setting the xbox to 420p yet... but should I have to?  No.  I shouldn't have to misconfigure my xbox to play a game.

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    My xbox is connected via composite - which may be a part of the problem.  

    Maybe? That is the problem!  And HDMI cable isn't the only solution you know? Albeit, an HDMI is the BEST solution, but if your TV has a VGA input you could use that, if it has a YPbPr (the blue, red and green inputs) you could use that as well. 

    Also how on earth are you using a 720p resolution with a composite cable? That's blasphemy! Either way, assuming you're getting a true 720p resolution, your tv should handle it fine, if the screen is cut off I'm sure your TV has an option to adjust the image.  I mean it's your money at the end of the day but between paying $60 for a PS3 version and $20 bucks for a cable that might fix your problem.... well you do the math.