Best place to buy/find health potions

    • Level   2

    Only finding a few at a time, just wondering if you have found someone in your travels that stocks a few at a time,and quite regularly. Or if someone could teach me how to make them as i have never done so. Thanks in advance

    Curing The Infection, One Bullet At A Time
    • Level   3

    Do quests, and search shops. I'd also recommend using healing spells to, since your magicka regenerates.

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    • Level   6

    I'm finding them everywhere. I suggest you use alchemy labs and make your own. Wheat and "blisterwort" i think thats the name, it looks like a mushroom, and you have your own health potion. Keep trying ingredients and it will tell you what they do.

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    • Level   2

    awesome. thanks guys. appreciate it!

    Curing The Infection, One Bullet At A Time
    • Level   5

    I just killed a necromancer which dropped a recipe for a health potion, haven't had time to try it out myself.  Monarch Butterfly Wing + Blisterwort