Game Difficulty vs. Experience

    • Level   7

    Has anyone noticed if you get more experience the harder you set the difficulty?


    I started the game on Adept and then decided to switch to Master.


    It seems like the enemies are little harder to kill, but none too smarter (killed a dragon while it was distracted by a town guard).


    However, I didn't see that much of an increase in the experience from killing the beast the last time I was in Adept.


    The only difference I can see is that the enemies are better shots (one hit kill on me from an arrow in the eye!) ...


    Can anyone confirm if you do get more experience at the higher difficulties?  Or do you get better loot at least?

    • Level   1

    Think it might only effect enemy health and damage to be honest. I switched to the easiest and seem to ranking up the same amount.  

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    • Level   5

    Only thing I could see it effecting are skills you use to fight with since it would take more hits or magic to bring them down.

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    • Level   5

    More Health = More Hits = More EXP.


    That's as far as it goes, you have to let go of the idea that you get EXP per kill. You get EXP per action you perform, so you'll get more, as it were, on a harder difficulty.

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    they are harder to kill there fore you have to hit them more to kill so i guess you will get more expeirence that way. i didnt see much differnce in expeirence from adpet to novice, dont know about master