Rifton House not really worth it

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    Frankly, I am dismayed that this house is more expensive and not better at all than the one in Whiterun.  Had I investigated the house after purchasing it (before doing a bunch of thieves quests) I would have reloaded and not sunk the gold into it at all.

    Why does it suck?

    Absolutely no practical storage in the basement.  The Whiterun house has a satchel right on the alchemy station for ingredient storage.  It has a chest right behind you for finished pot storage.  It has a book case right there for storage of the recipes.

    The Rifton house has NO storage anywhere near the alchemy station.  It has no storage near the enchanting station for your soul gems and items to be enchanted.

    Its well away from shops and vendors where you would normally be selling things.  Rifton has only one blacksmith (unlike Whiterun that has 3).

    The only thing it has going for it is that the thieves guild HQ is there in Rifton and that the house has an external (out of town) entrance you can ride your horse right to without tipping guards off if you have a Rifton bounty.

    It does have working weapon racks and wall racks unlike my Whiterun house.  My Whiterun house's racks are not clickable, apparently glitched as my granddaughter's Witerun house works just fine.

    I do hope the other city houses are better than Rifton's but I damn sure will be making a save before purchasing them and then investigate them thoroughly after adding the upgrades to see if they are really worth keeping.

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    But the Rifton house has an enchantment table and I NEED an enchantment table really bad.  That is a bummer about the lack of storage in the alchemy room.     Hmm nowhere to store the enchantment items either.  Ok well this isnt sounding as good as I thought.   I will make sure to save before I buy the house. But thanks for the heads up about the lack of storage items.  Greatly appreciated.   


    Is there a house that everyone seems to recommend with storage AND an enchantment table?  

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    Um, the alchemy lab has three bookshelfs, all which allow you to "store" ingredients.  There is one (maybe two-can't remember) chest upstairs and multiple weapon racks, not to mention, manaquinns that can store weapon and armor as well.  If you are really worried about walking twenty (game) feet to the market circle to sell and smith items, maybe this isn't the game for you?

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    On a side note I had no idea Whiterun has 3 blacksmiths.  Wish I would have known that a long time ago.

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    Whiterun has 3 smiths.  There is the two right next to your house (husband/wife).  When she's outside, she has a separate pool of money/items from the one inside the shop.  There is the skyforge up near Dragonreach and the Companion hall.

    "Bookshelves"?  Rofl.  You really think I am going to drop each ingredient and then pick it up and putz with it to get it on a shelf?  Seriously?  I want a container to put it ALL in, that I can hit (X) to loot all and then stand there making pots.  I am not going to spend hours to carefully set each item/stack on shelves.  Just not going to do it.

    Yes, there are places upstairs.  I don't want to sloth up and down the stairs overburdened all the time, do you?  I also don't want to sloth across town either and since Rifton has few straight lines, using whirlwind is hard as well.  When you enter the Rifton gate you can get to the vendor circle with a couple sprints but Whiterun has the BS within sight of you and is right next to your house, far more convenient.

    I don't believe the manikins can store weapons, though I have not tried, I thought I saw something in the popup about only allowing armor as the bookshelf in Whiterun only allows Books and weapon racks only allow weapons, etc.

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    I am with you on the container situation. I have THOUSANDS of items right now. Probably around 2,000-3,000 loot items all in my Whiterun house in different storage chests and crates.   So its a must that I have something to store them in if I go to another house.  Glad I read this before making the riften purchase.  As I said above I will save right before I buy the house,  check it out, then make my decision.

    In my Whiterun house.

    Weapons are in one chest.

    Armor is in another chest or dresser. 

    Misc items are in drawer.

    Soul jems are in another drawer.

    Food is in the cabinet by the cooking pot.

    Ingredients are in the locker behind the alchemy table.  (I never thought of storing them in that alchemy pouch)

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    The bookshelfs act just like chest, drawers and other containers... Look at the bookshelf and it will say "activate bookshelf". You can then place items in it from the menu just like using a chest.

    It even stacks things on the shelf neatly for you.


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    I tried in Whiterun, the bookshelf would ONLY accept things from the BOOKS category and nothing else.

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    you can use A hold to decorate your house but i not recommend using dagger shelf to place neclaces , i lost some of them doing that in my safehouses. I hate that some time i find everything in my house is a mess after pass time decorating it. My fav house is the one in Solitude, i liked the one in the reach but to sell/smithing  things is not good.

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    It should be able to take ingredients as well.  I wonder if this has to do with why you can't activate the plaques?  It also will organize the items for you, not drop them and make you put them on the shelfs.

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    The Rifton shelves never showed any "Activate Bookshelf" hover like the one in Whiterun.  But I am sure the one in whiterun wouldn't take anything but books.  I tried and I am sure I tried weapons, armor, ingredients and soul gems and it would take none but the books/recipes.  Do any other shelves activate for you in Whiterun?  The only one of mine that does is the one in the alchemy room.


    It could be tied to the glitched weapon racks/plaques, wouldn't know.  I will head to Rifton to triple check but I am really sure I was all over the shelves (I stripped them bare of ingredients) and never saw the (A) to activate message.  The weapon racks, plaques and manikins all worked in Rifton though.

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    Get another house. Riften sucks anyway..


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    use the slow time shout, as soon as you pay for the house back out of convo and use slow time, quickly stash all money into a container of some kind, and you get a house for free, glitch or secret use for slow time shout, you decide. free houses all around. you need the amount the house costs, although you lose nothing.

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    No house in Skyrim is worth a damn.  I prefer my Arch-Mage's Quarters at the College of Winterhold.

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    ^ Yeah the houses are a flat out waste of money. If you care about saving money in this game then don't bother with them lol. Or you could use the trick that k0rruptiD just mentioned, which I think I might do from now on. I'd barely even consider that cheating, it's more like avoiding being cheated. I blew like 40,000 gold on the house in Solitude, and I've only ever been in it once. I don't plan on entering it again either lol.

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