Yngol Barrow cave pillars are not moving.

    • Level   8

    So I came across a cave called Yngol Barrow, and there's a puzzle there, the ones where you have to turn the pillars to the right animal to proceed. Well, for some reason, none of the pillars are turning when I activate them. I read the passage that tells me how to solve the puzzle and I THOUGHT I understood it, but it reads

    Man in his throne, so should he be Whale in the sea, so should he be, Eagle in Sun's Sky, so should he be, Snake in the weeds, so should he be.

    So I was thinking maybe I must sit in the throne to unlock the pillars and make them move, nope. Didn't work. So I had my companion sit in the chair while I try to turn the pillars, nope, didnt work either. And there's these white balls of energy bouncing around the floor. What are those???

    Are they needed foe the puzzle or something or is the game just broken and the pillars just aint moving because the game is glitched or something???

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    • Level   8

    Just use your mega Hunting Bow and smash them into the right positions, that's worked so far, right?

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    I come back bigger... stronger... and angrier.

    • Level   5

    You should at least be able to spin each pillar to select the correct animal displayed. If not, you may want to reload a previous save and go back inside to see if it's working. Once they do begin to spin, it's up to you to select the correct sequence to open the gate.

    • Level   7

    That cave is the destination for a quest. You may not be able to move the pillars until the quest is activated maybe. When you get there search the mage in front of the lever and read the notes. It tells you which order to put the symbols in.

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