daedras best freind / lod + barbas

    • Level   8

    well tell that to my friend since that was the only way he was able to obtain it. As well as countless other gamers who have.


    Rueful Axe and the Skeleton Key are the only artifacts that do not count.

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    • Level   1

    In my game, Lod is still alive. I got the fresh meat from him, but Barbas won't show up. When I go to the shrine, he's already a statue. From everything I've read, if Lod is still alive, then you can still complete the quest. I really have no idea why I can't find this dog lol.

    • Level   9

    Savior's Hide DOES count.  I got the achievement after doing 14 daedric quests.  I never attempted one of them, because I couldn't find the orb thing to start it.

    • Level   1

    I had the same problem so I just wandered the woods and found the little mutt. So just look in the woods I think.