When you get bored in Skyrim, what do you do?

    • Level   2

    I know its pretty much impossible to get bored, but when you want to go mess around what do you do?

    After i learned my whirlwind sprint i went skydiving and watched my body bounce down the mountain. Then i had Lydia stand near the edge and paralyzed her. Poor girl.

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    • Level   5

    I wipe out whole towns minus the NPC's that can't be killed.

    • Level   1

    I got bored, somehow. I decided to just keep doing the thieves guild quests, then the college of Winterhold and so on.But after this, I'll probably just go and explore on foot with Aela.

    • Level   1

    I go play something else, probably MW or H3.

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    • Level   4

    Pick flowers and chase bugs/rabbits/fox around.

    • Level   3

    If I get bored, it's usually because I have been playing for a long play session.  In that case, I usually pop in Forza and crank out a few races (Just to clense the pallet) or I'll take a break (Maybe go outside or visit with my family).  Usually, when I take a break for a few hours I jump back in feeling exited about the game again.  

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    • Level   9

    codename JAM

    Pick flowers and chase bugs/rabbits/fox around.

    This (which is why I rarely ride a horse) and head for any undiscovered landmark.
    • Level   9

    ...play a different game.....if it's daylight, go target shooting out back..or fishing...give the wife a pickletickle ...fire up the ATV's with the kids or horseback riding....now that winter's basically here I also keep my Yamaha sleds on the ready as I also volunteer SAR...watch a movie I haven't seen yet...pretty much anything

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    • Level   2

    hmm I look for Words of Power or do misc quests that I've built up over the span of gameplay.

    If I get bored of all that, I just play AC Revelations on the PS3.

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    • Level   7

    Sometimes I just turn into a werewolf and run all around Skyrim destroying towns. It's even better when my game starts glitching and I am stuck as a werewolf forever.


    • Level   5

    That can happen?....could be unfortunate...I'll be carefull with that one now....

    • Level   6

    So far, I've reenacted the move "The Wolfman" (I seriously did) and I also reenacted the Black ops quest where you break out of the gulag. My version wasn't as dramatic, sadly.

    I don't always get bored playing Skyrim, but when I do, Ma'iaq usually fixes it.


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    • Level   2

    Killed an Elder Dragon unarmed, it was pretty fun, had to keep running after it though cause it kept flying off to kill everything else in the immediate area.

    • Level   1

    I like to work on upgrading my weapons and armor, after that I like to break into houses and leave gems by peoples pillow when they sleep. I'm like the Skyrim toothfairy except instead of taking their teeth, I steal all their stuff. Sometimes I like to shoot arrows straight up and see if I can get under them, or I shoot down the hawks in Solitude as payback for making me think there's a dragon overhead.

    Shhh... Awesome!

    • Level   1

    I just go play Minecraft until I get bored of that and switch to Skyrim.

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