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    At the moment there is not a way to have children.

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    "Burn away the flags. Begin again." -Ulysses

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    Not there is no coitus or children.  You will also note all of the children in the game are Nord.  I want to see some khajit or argonian children.

    "A Man chooses; a Slave obeys." -Andrew Ryan

    "M'aiq can travel fast across the land. Some lazy types take carriages. It is all the same to M'aiq." -M'aiq the Liar

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    On Skyrim -- Find a pregnant woman who is very near labor.  Have her lay down on top of a copy of Skyrim and give birth to a child.

    In Skyrim -- Not at the moment.

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    I am so glad someone else notices when people use 'on' instead.

    They want to see me shot up, locked up, encage me...

    I come back bigger... stronger... and angrier.

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    I'm glad there isn't because I wouldn't want Skyrim to be like Fable III.  In fact, even the marriage thing seems weird to me.  

     @~~ B I Z A R R O M A N T I S ~~@

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    I doubt it. Haven't had time for *** since I got it!

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    Oy Veh!  Aren't those brats running the streets of Skyrim enough????  You want more?  LOL *slams head on table*

    I'm the kind of woman that when my feet hit the ground each morning the devil says, "OH CRAP.... SHE'S UP!"

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    " Oh look, another baby to lick my father's boots. Good job."

    Where is the quote button?

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    I doubt it. Haven't had time for *** since I got it!