Moving the family?

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    I FINALLY got it to work!!!!  My family moved into my house!   After quite a few experiements, several saves, and several attempts to get my family to move from Markarath to my hand made Dawnstar house, I got it to work.


    Long story short, you need a DRESSER between the 2 kids beds otherwise the family and kids will not move in. Make sure you have the chests AND the dresser upstairs.  The dresser triggered it to work.  If you dont have the dresser, the wife will appear right away and the kids sometimes appear. Then after a few minutes they disappear and reappear back at the original house they came from. Which is strange because usually they need a chest, but in this case they need a dresser. You dont need a fully furnished house.  In fact my house is still nowhere near finished yet.  Just need the 2 kids beds, main bed, dressers and chest.   If you dont have the dresser between the 2 beds, they will not move in.  Well they will, then they will glitch and respawn and the previous house.

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    Ok, finaly got it working too.  Realized that i hadnt added any childrens rooms to any of my regular houses and the bedrooms werent finished in my other estate.  As soon as the steward finished the bedrooms I was able to move the family.

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    I can move my wife and kids to 2 of the houses but if I try moving them to windstad manor they arrive but then travel back to the previous house.  Only 1 of my houses has a bedroom wing but my Lakeview manor has no bedroom wing and they will move there too.  Just not windstad.

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    I have found the way to get this to work, for all 3 houses, so no matter where you choose to live it should be fine getting your whole family to live there to. So what I did is built all 3 houses and then I got married and then adopted kids, but I made the Lakeview Manor my family house. So I noticed that I could get my husband to live there I could get one of my children to live there and it seemed like I couldn't get both children to live together. So what you do is you can build up all 3 houses to the max, add all the furniture and all that jazz and then go tell your husband or wife to come and live with you in Riften. Now if you're going to adopt 2 street kids tell them to go and live in Riften first, but if you have one street kid and one orphanage kid or 2 orphanage kids it works better. So in the case of 1 street and one orphanage kid it's best to go get the street kid first. Tell him/her to move to Riften then go to the orphanage and adopt your second and make sure that you follow your new son or daughter out and to your home. Once they're inside you can go to your spouse and tell them you would like to move to one of the 3 houses and they all go together as a family. I tried so many different things for hours to try and get 2 kids to live in my house and nothing was working, that was the only thing that worked and I tested it on each house a few times before I put this up. So make sure family lives in riften first. When all the family is together then go to the new house of your choosing, also if choosing kid from street and one from orphanage make sure to adopt the street kid first to ensure he or she get's to your house. Also I had the dresser in between all was built up and still I couldn't get them in until I did this.

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    I haven't even gotten married yet in this playthrough. I wonder if the lady that sells me wood is available. She always makes it pleasant to, um, get wood.

    The Falkreath one? Shes a vampire bro, and happily married. Till you kil her husband for a DBH side quest.

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    hey guys...just letting u know i figured out how to fix the problem with not being able to move lucia or probably anyone else from breezhome to one you create....well...all i did was ask change the kids room to the alchemy lab..and because i already had a house that was built and ready for kids..even though when talking to lucia there was no option to move..once i had removed the kids room and changed it to a alchemy lab...she just automatically moved to the house i created

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    My question is whether we're supposed to be able to move our family into one of our pre-built homes, like Proudspire Manor in Solitude.

    Thats where my wife was living before I adopted a kid and had to place her in one of the homes I made with Hearthfire, but if I could move the family back to Solitude, I would.

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    Proudspire does get an upgrade for a kid. So I would suspect you can.

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    Sorry to barge in, but i got the same issue, and ugh, that purchase was a waste it seems..... bleh, cannot move Aela into lakeside at all, and she only goes to the blades now..... females in games are always so much more difficult when you marry than before the engagement.....

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    That's what I was hoping for, but like most people I've lost the option to move my family anywhere after they moved into one of my Hearthfire homes.

    Then again I lost the ability to ask my wife for a home cooked meal forever ago too.

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    I had this problem too, but i fixed it!!

    You need to get the entire house pretty much well furnished. Beds, tables, chairs, CHESTS.

    Anything that says 'Child's' you need to get in order for your family to move. As soon as I got the Children's chest i got the option to move my family, i then fast travelled to Lake View Manor and waited 24 hours to be sure. :P Worked just fine, they all appeared happy.

    I also moved them from Honeyside. I don't think Breezehome would affect anything. Give this a shot :)

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    I got the same problem. I was trying to get the achievements so I got married and adopted two kids. I had them move to Lakeview Manor because the one closer to Solitude wasn't finished yet. Keep telling my wife to move there and she still doesn't. Oh well, guess I'll have her follow me and lose the two kids. There's still two more to adopt. Little brats ask for a freaking present every time I see them.

    Also don't try to relocate your stewards. I moved Lidia from Lakeview to the Herthfire house by Solitude and not only have I not gotten any of the furnishings I paid for, but when I told her to buy a cow she bought them for the Lakeview Manor house.

    Hearthfire is really, really glitchy. I recommend not buying it for those still considering lol.

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    I disagree. It is well worth it. The glitches are minor, and if you know how to work it they aren't an issue.

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    Tell your wife to move to honeyside in Riften it's also best to move there first when you get your kids this way if you get them from the orphanage they will just run to your house (I had a hard time getting both my kids to the house until I moved to honeyside first) also your kids will like lakeview the best the one near solitude they think is scary and the other one they say is too cold. Once you have your family in honeyside (I would suggest if your adopting 1 street kid and one ophanage kid to get the street kid first then the orphanage one) you can ask your wife to move again and go to lakeview. That is what made it work for me. Once I got it to work all was well with my game.

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    actually you can all you have to do is get rid of all of the workbenches then go to your wife and ask her to move house. The same thing happened to me. i moved into breezehome then it wouldn't let me move after a while. I think its because the game still thinks your building your house because you have all the work benches.