Skyrim Dawnguard Serana speech glitch.

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    Ok so i decide that i did not want serana to be a vamp anymore. so i had her go to florian to go get curred of vampirism. she said that she would return home, (fort dawnguard) soon. she did. within about 4-5 in-game days. i greet her sitting on a bench (inside fort dawnguard)  and i have to select to talk to her, she dose not come to me once im inside. she says shes no longer a vamp and she can breath again and what not. oh happy day. as soon as she finishes talking she just walks off and i cant even begin another conversation with her asking her to follow me. some one please help, i really enjoy serana's company. thanks in advance.

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    This is what I have found on this issue, wish I had better news if you dont have a "save file" ready: 



    • Having Serana as a follower can cause Vampire Lord form to become significantly weaker.
    • While Serana is your follower, Drain Life may cause extremely low amounts of damage.
    • When speaking to Serana after returning from the Soul Cairn she may not give the option to turn you in a Vampire Lord. (This occurs if you refused the first time before entering.)
    • When Serana is your follower, sometimes she will not return to a walking position after sneaking.
    • After being asked to "wait" or being dismissed as a follower, she may not have the option to follow again. There is currently no confirmed fix for this problem.
      • Waiting for more than 72 hours until she returns may solve the problem.[verification needed— see talk page]
      • A side effect of this problem is that, when acquiring an automatic follower, Serena will not leave your side even though you receive a message that "your follower has left you". Occurs for instance when Vilkas joins with you to go exact revenge on the Silverhand for Kodlak's death. On the plus side, this creates no obvious problems in game as Serana continues to battle and talk to you. Just be sure to save often and never dismiss her. Friendly damage may cause Serena or your additional follower to start fighting with each other. Save often. (a possible resolution is to let Serena beat up the additional companion and to press the R key to disengage yourself. When one of the followers yields, combat will stop and you can resume exploration of the dungeon).
    • Serana may get stuck in combat after her target has died; entering combat again fixes this only as long as the combat persists.
      • Reload a previous save, use the Unrelenting Force shout, or attack her until she falls to her knees.

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