How do you start the dragonborn storyline?

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    Some cultist approached me in Solitude and one had a note that gets you started.

    "First to go, last to know"

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    "First to go, last to know"

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    Where is this person located?

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    I was in Solitude when these two "cultist" appeared, much the same way messengers do. You engage them and one of them ends up w/ info to get started on the quest. At least that how it was for me.

    "First to go, last to know"

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    For those wondering how to start the DLC, this came straight from Bethesda

    "To begin Dragonborn, you must travel to Solstheim. This can be done at any point after installing the game add-on content by travelling to the Windhelm docks and locating Gjalund Salt-Sage, a sea captain that will take you to the island for a small fee. The “main” questline of Dragonborn will start soon after you have started the main game’s quest “The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller”, after consulting with the Greybeards for the first time. After having started this quest, you will soon run into a group of Cultists when traveling around the world that will discuss Dragonborn’s questline."










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    I "re-bought" Skyrim a few days ago without knowing about this DLC and I really want to get started with it so it's def good to know that it can be started in the beginning of the game. :) Thanks for the info

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    So I'm not supposed to go to Solstheim on my own to start the main questline of this DLC?

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    Its finally out?! Freaking awesome!

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    Oooh, just saw this as I was logging in on the main page.  This looks/sounds interesting, I will have to get this at some stage along with the other DLC and make me a new character brand new and fresh then go from there.

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    Yeah the dragonborn dlc is really great I enjoy the fact that you can cast magic when on a horse

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    I forget what the note said but I was attacked by some cultists and I read the note and that pointed me towards the boat to the dlc land.

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    What if Gjalund Salt Sage is not spawning?

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    Nm, the cultists did not show up until after I was on the Island to begin with.

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