SPOILERS! Dragonborn DLC help needed please.

    • Level   6

    I'm at the point where I need to unlock the last word of the "Bend Will" shout.  However, whenever I kill a dragon, Miraak keeps stealing the dragon's soul and I don't have any left.  So how do you prevent Miraak from stealing dragon souls from you?  He even steals dragon souls when I go back to Skyrim!

    • Level   8

    Weird, he only stole one dragon soul for me. Although I was focusing on main questline and defeated him so he couldn't do it again. My advice, finish main questline and teach that bugger a lesson!

    • Level   9

    For me it was a one to one ratio. He would steal one, I would get one, and so on.

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    • Level   9

    I had him steal a few from me before he finally did not show up. It was almost close to a 4-1 ratio. My suggestion, just keep killing Dragons. You will get one and as a bonus, you get all the Souls back from him (that he stole from you) after he dies.

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    • Level   7

    He has stolen two from me however since I got Dragonborn I've killed around ten dragons, either in Solstheim ( sp ? ) or in Skyrim. I have around 40 dragon souls to spare so I'd like to see him try to get those!

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    • Level   7

    Yer I had 60 odd spare dragon souls (not even kidding, I think there's more dragons than people in Skyrim) and he just stole a single soul, I was just like "Lol K, I got 60 more souls".